Working Papers

The Effects of College Desegregation on Academic Achievement and Students’ Social Interactions: Evidence from Turnstile Data [Updated Manuscript]
Trust and Network Formation (joint with: Juan Camilo Cardenas, Danisz Okulicz, Davide Pietrobon and Tomás Rodríguez Barraquer) [Manuscript]

Policy Reports

Tracking Transfer: Community College and Four-Year Institutional Effectiveness in Broadening Bachelor’s Degree Attainment [CCRC Website]


How to Boost Community-College Transfers. The Chronicle of Higher Ed. March 22, 2024 [Opinion]

Work in Progress

The Returns to College for Low-income students: Evidence from a Student Loan Program in Colombia (joint with Fabio Sanchez)
Plant Openings and College Outcomes (joint with Viviana Rodriguez and Lois Miller)

Peer Reviewed Publications (pre-doctoral)